Major League Baseball Buyers, Sellers, and Midpoint Analysis | TCRSS Episode 5

Oh baseball, how I love thee, let me count the ways… with RBIs, and ERAs, Home Runs, and averages… with sliders, double plays, and wide stances…

Seriously, though this is probably my best week yet!

I love this time of year in major league baseball so much! The trades, the roster changes, the drama leading up to the post-season! It’s so intense! It’s my version of daytime TV! What makes it all so great is that in October only 10 teams will remain standing, and only 8 will go into multi-game series. The season, even though there are a ton of games, MATTERS! It’s hard to believe that 162 games matter, but when it comes down to September and your team is 0.5 game away from the post-season you’ll wish they’d won one of those games back in April or May to make up the difference! Everyday can bring something new, and sh!t gets real right now. Watching these last couple months of baseball unfold is my version of day time soap operas.

In this podcast I go over EVERY division and nearly EVERY team. I talk about where they are, what they need, and what will get them over the hump to either win their division or attain a wild card placement.  I analyze and break down the buyers and sellers in each division. What do the Astros and Dodgers need to do to maintain their current level of success? What are my thoughts on the Cubs acquisition of Quintana from the White Sox? Are the Yankees a real contender? What should the Tigers do if they’re actually rebuilding? Who needs to hang up the hat? Who needs to let go? What can the teams in close divisions do to end up on top? Whose overrated? Whose surprising us this year? What are my predictions for the end of the season? Hear it all here at TCRSS Episode 5!

I love this game, I love analyzing this game,

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